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The Economics of Happiness

Now you can watch The Economics of Happiness, the popular documentary about the worldwide movement for localization, right here in Albany at the Albany Twin Theater, 1115 Solano Avenue on Sunday, March 6th, 10:45 am. Doors open at 10:30 am and $10 tickets can be purchased in advance from the theater boxoffice or from their website:

Both hard-hitting and inspiring, The Economics of Happiness demonstrates that millions of people across the world are already engaged in building a better world with human scale, ecological economies based on a new paradigm of localization – the foundation of an “economics of happiness.”

The film features a chorus of voices from six continents calling for systemic economic change, including David Korten, Bill McKibben, Vandana Shiva, Rob Hopkins, Richard, Heinberg, Juliet Schor, Michael Shuman, Helena Norberg-Hodge, and Samdhong Rinpoche – the Prime Minister of Tibet’s government in exile. You can watch the trailer HERE

The Economics of Happiness restores our faith in humanity and challenges us to believe that it is possible to build a better world.letting go

The feature-length film will be followed by a discussion with Dr. Allen Kanner, a Berkeley child/family/adult/ psychologist who addresses the impact of marketing on children, is a co-founder of CCFC, and writes a column for Tikkun Magazine. He also co-edited “Ecopsychology,” and “Psychology and Consumer Culture”, books whose content is very relevant to the message of this film.

Some Endorsements:

“Helena Norberg-Hodge delivers a powerful message about globalization: It is the small, local economies around the world that are preserving traditions, cultures, and communities, and ultimately safeguarding our happiness.”
(Alice Waters, chef, author, and the proprietor of Chez Panisse)

“It is good news indeed to find so persuasive an explanation of our ailing world as ‘The Economics of Happiness.’ This film connects the dots between climate chaos, economic meltdown, and our own personal suffering–stress, loneliness, and depression. It presents the localization movement as a systemic alternative to corporate globalization, as well as a strategy that brings community and meaning to our lives.” (Joanna Macy, author World as Lover, World as Self)

“‘The Economics of Happiness’ offers a unique global perspective on a movement that is often reduced as being too small. Not so. The film tells the story of a grassroots movement for localization that is bubbling up from the cracks of a faltering global economy, in every corner of the world. These are the real ‘green shoots’ to be hopeful about.” (Anuradha Mittal, Executive Director, The Oakland Institute)

“I think this is the best, most holistic film I have seen on the subject.” (Jacob Bomann-Larsen, Coordinator of Nordic New Economy Network)

“…it is a great honor for me to endorse such an historic work.” (Samdhong Rinpoche, Prime Minister of Tibet’s government in exile)

“A must-see film for the future of the planet.” (Zac Goldsmith, Member of UK Parliament)

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December Holiday Events

Sunday, December 5, 1:30 – 4:00 pm, Albany Library, Edith Stone Room

Transition Albany presents a showing of the outrageous film What Would Jesus Buy? and a discussion of worthwhile alternatives to the holiday shopping frenzy.

Follow the adventures of “Reverend Billy” and his dancing, singing “Stop Shopping Gospel Choir” in this hilarious documentary with a serious message. How do you save people from crappy gifts and eternal debt? By caroling with the choir as they joyfully belt out lyrics like these: “Squeeze our fat in Gap Apparel/Fa la la la la, la la la la…”

Full of surprises, like a credit card “exorcism” and a makeshift confessional for people to confess their shopping “sins,” this eco-­minded documentary is a timely reminder that there’s more to the holidays than buying more stuff.

Following the movie, we’ll talk about creative, worthwhile alternatives to frenzied shopping, alternatives that even include supporting local stores on Solano Avenue!

Monday, December 20, 6:30 – 9:00 pm

Alternative Carols with the Richmond Rivets

Starting with a potluck at 624 31st Street, Richmond

Bring a potluck dish, warm clothes, a holiday spirit and friends and bring joy and a fresh perspective to the neighborhood with alternative carols!

Click here for a flyer of our Rev Billy event on December 5th and caroling with the Richmond Rivets on December 20th.

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