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Replacing oil, petroleum & plastic

In today’s paper (Contra Costa Times Morning Report, Saturday June 12, Bay Area News Group) there’s an article that spells out the extent to which the American lifestyle depends upon petroleum products and all those petroleum derivatives. I couldn’t find the article online but it’s called, “So mad at BP you’ll give up on oil? Good luck with that.” Hooray for truth in the mainstream media!

Uses of Hemp
And here’s the scoop on the true cost of all that oil, in an Alternative Annual Report (PDF) just published on Chevron’s activities that covers the fallout in all the places round the world.

Chevron’s spending last year on alternative energy technologies was at its lowest since 2006, and the amount spent on lobbying in 2009 was higher than at any time in the company’s history.

Of course we know that it’s time to start seriously investigating and using alternatives when it comes to transportation and energy. But what about alternatives to plastic?

Transition Albany would like to host an event that features alternatives to plastics and other petroleum-derived substances in everything from kitchenware to personal products to hardware. Please send ideas and useful contacts to or the Transition Albany Yahoo Group. Thank you!
Bamboo and industrial hemp come to mind.

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