10:10 in Albany

What if all of Albany reduced 10% of its emissions during 2010, through personal action?

The 10:10 project is an international campaign for individuals, businesses, schools, and organizations to publicly commit to taking responsibility for their person contribution to global warming by reducing their greenhouse gas emissions 10% in 2010.

If all of Albany participated, we would get well on our way to the City-wide greenhouse gas reduction goal of 25% by 2020!

Transition Albany is supporting this campaign by spreading the word and encouraging people to do the same. Here are 4 easy steps to participate!

  1. Commit. Sign onto 10:10 online and tell Transition Albany that you’re committing, so that we can add you to the list in Albany.
  2. Count. Measure your baseline greenhouse gas emissions with one of the many online carbon footprint calculators. We recommend the one at coolclimate.berkeley.edu because it is more comprehensive than some others out there. Note: Click “click here to continue” after entering California as your state.
  3. Act. Start reducing! Find a helpful and fun list of tips on the 1010uk.org site. Join the Low Carbon Diet. Read Albany’s Climate Action Plan to get some ideas.
  4. Share. Spread the word about the 10:10 campaign to others in Albany. Volunteer to contact and sign up 20 friends. Or pick a business or block of businesses to sign up. Or go after your school or your child’s school. Let us know through the comments below. The more we talk about it, the more people will be aware of 10:10!

Join the list of those participating in Albany!

(in alphabetical order)

Individuals & Families

Arkin Tilt family, Marge Atkinson, Dorothy Bevard, Gerhard Brostrom, Marge Brostrom, Allen Cain, Christopher Carter, Hortensia Chang, Patty Chin, Jess Cosby, Heather Cunningham, Linda Currie, Len Edmondson, Edward Fields, Andrew Frankle, Evan Frisch, Tree Gelb Stuber, Chester Godfry, Clara-Rae Jenson, Miya Kitahara, Robert Lieber, Dan Lieberman, Ly / Williams family, Allan Maris, Peggy McQuaid, Nierlich/Abbott Family, Claire Norris, Caryl O’Keefe, Brian Parsley, Nick Pilch, Beth Pollard, Suzanne Schrift, Janet Smith-Heimer, Amy Smolens, Catherine Sutton, Carol Swan, Karina Tindol, Ellen Toomey, the Utedskis, Meera Valdez, Wynette Weaver, Buddy Williams, Tony Wolcott, Florence Wahl…


Gathering Tribes


Albany Unified School District

This list is updated every week or two. Please alert us if you see a misspelled name.

Get on the list by filling out this quick form or by commenting on this post!

Read more about each step…

1010 CommitTransition Albany has prepared a statement of commitment, to recognize the importance of individuals participating in the 10:10 campaign.

To get plugged into the global movement, sign up on www.1010global.org and www.1010uk.org.

Below is the statement signed by many of those appearing on the list of participants in Albany:

WE THE UNDERSIGNED, citizens of the City of Albany

CELEBRATING the beautiful and intelligent balance of nature as a complex, interconnected system,

RECOGNIZING that the natural balance is being severely and dangerously disrupted, with the potential result of irreversible and catastrophic climate change,

ACCEPTING that the actions of humans are jeopardizing the balance through emissions of carbon and other greenhouse gases,

REGRETTING that governmental leadership has failed to alleviate the impact of human societies,

INVOKING the spirit of community and collective welfare within and amongst ourselves,

APPEALING to the wisdom of all the people that enrich us as a community and recognizing our diverse interests and abilities,

UNDERSTANDING that individual action can collectively influence the impact of the whole,

HEREBY COMMIT to taking accountability for our individual impacts on the environment by

MEASURING our direct and indirect emissions of greenhouse gases, and

REDUCING the amount we emit by at least 10% during the year 2010 as compared to previous years.

1010 CountThere are many “carbon calculators” out there. Some measure just your energy use and car trips. Others include emissions for the goods and services you consume. Some are based on broad averages (like what state you live in) and others take specific data input (like how many kWh of electricity you use).

Transition Albany recommends the Cool Climate Calculator from the Berkeley Institute of the Environment. It includes energy, transportation, food, goods and services. It provides defaults based on your local averages, and allows you to input your own data if you have it. Much of it is based on how many dollars you spend in each area, and converts this using average per-dollar emissions. They are currently working on making this more nuanced.

Go to the calculator website.

1010 ActReducing greenhouse gas emissions / your carbon footprint can be done in many ways!

It can be done by reducing what you consume (energy, stuff), reusing and sharing what you consume, and rethinking what you do or how you do it. The Transition Town movement focuses on those things that enhance life and community that also reduce greenhouse gases and the use of fossil fuels. Look around this website to get some ideas, and to get involved!

The 1010uk.org website offers 10 ways to cut 10%.

Join the Low Carbon Diet.

1010 ShareNow that you’ve signed on to the commitment and started working toward the 10% goal, spread the word and get the rest of Albany to participate! The more people, businesses, and groups participating, the more of an overall reduction we’ll achieve!

Here’s are some ideas of who should also sign up for 10:10. Have any other ideas? Or sign up to be the one to encourage one of these to participate!

  • Albany schools (each school, or AUSD as a whole)
  • City of Albany
  • Your block! Make it a goal to sign up your whole block.
  • Local businesses, or through an organization like the Chamber of Commerce or the Solano Avenue Association
  • Large businesses and entities, like the USDA, Target, or Golden Gate Fields
  • Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops
  • Preschools
  • Community organizations, like the Lion’s Club, Rotary, and Soroptimist
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One comment on “10:10 in Albany
  1. Catherine S says:

    Today I talked to Marla Stephenson, the Superintendent of the AUSD. She is ready to sign the 10:10 commitment on behalf of the school district, since she expressed to me that she is proud that AUSD is leading by example when it comes to reducing building and energy emissions. She had an impressive list of achievements so far and more to come.