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Water Solutions

Slow it Soak it Store it

Please accept our invitation to join us on Sunday, January 23, 1:30 – c. 4:30 pm at Albany Library, Edith Stone Room, 1247 Marin Avenue, for a fun event, all about turning what can be a problem – of either too much or too little water – into an elegant, multifaceted solution that saves this most precious resource, all the while filtering storm water, reducing runoff, protecting public health, recharging aquifers, watering yards with collected rain and household greywater, and radically reducing your water bills.

We’ll have a movie that will inspire you to make a difference, you’ll get the basics of installing your own grey water system, and hear from a professional who can install various rainwater and grey water systems for you.

SLOW THE FLOW, an inspiring 27-minute documentary from the California State Water Resources Control Board, shows what happens to rainwater at the moment, and how people all over the State can make a difference.

Park Guthrie, of Wildcat Farmers, will talk about how his company provides expertise, labor, tools, supplies, and inspiration to help folks create more resilient and decentralized food and water systems, including raised garden bed packages, edible forest packages, chicken coop packages, and concentrating on 500 gallon rainwater catchment packages and greywater systems.
Wildcat Farmers is a local company that works with homeowners, businesses and schools to convert underused resources, like rainwater, greywater and lawns, into productive gardens, mini-farms, and edible forests.

Christina Bertea, of Greywater Action, will give an overview of how to set up your own greywater system, show a homemade composting toilet that is essential during an emergency such as an earthquake, and have ultra low-flow showerheads for sale. She will also show inspirational slides from a recent WaterSaving Exhibit.
Greywater Action (once Greywater Guerillas) is a collaborative group of educators, designers, builders, and artists who educate and empower people to build sustainable water culture and infrastructure through hands on workshops and presentations.

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Start the New Year by Lowering Your Costs and Your Carbon Footprint

Are you a concerned citizen interested in cutting your costs, while helping the environment, saving energy, water and carbon emissions?

On Thursday, February 3rd, join this fun and engaging, FREE, four-session course where you’ll be supported to learn how to dramatically reduce your impact on the environment, save money and foster a Greener Albany.

During this class, you will learn to:

  • Calculate your carbon footprint.
  • Create a plan and learn simple ways to reduce your footprint that works with your household and lifestyle.
  • Get support and share ideas with other community group members along the way.
  • Save money, energy, water, emissions and feel good about it!
  • Learn how to become a leader in helping others lower their carbon footprints too!
“The class really helped me make changes in my own lifestyle. I got a lot of new ideas for reducing energy use and emissions from the other class members and some that I could easily start right away. I now feel more empowered to keep going and to help others do the same.”
~ Comment from a group participant

Registration required. Contact instructor Linda Currie for more information or to enroll.

510-851-2552  |

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