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The Money Fix

Our financial system is doomed. It is based on debt and usury and ensures that our resources gradually filter up to those who already have more than they need.

So stop waiting for the economy to recover and start thinking about how you could interact with other people to get your needs met and help other meet theirs.

What skills do you have or could you learn? What kinds of goods and services would you like to receive from others?

Check out the SF Time Bank at Join it, then join the Berkeley-Richmond Corridor group. See what services are offered and take a chance on connecting with someone!

[Sorry – the 9/18 screening is canceled. You can watch The Money Fix online, however]. On [September 18th, you can watch the film The Money Fix with us, and on] September 29 we’re joining with Transition Berkeley to host Kellia Ramares-Watson (The End of Money) and Mira Luna (co-founder of the San Francisco Time Bank) in presentations and discussion. Mira will take us step by step through the process of joining the Time Bank and introduce us to some of its less well-known features. Details opf this event are on the calendar.
And on October 4th, we are starting a series of monthly potlucks and possibly films at St Albans Church on Curtis and Washington. Also on the Calendar

Posted in Economy on September 1, 2011