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The first Transition podcast!

The first Transition podcast! A visit to the Tres Hombres, tasting a revolution in shipping.

Posted in Economy, Food and Agriculture on October 22, 2011

Cultural Creatives Movie!

Here’s a movie worth watching! (It’s about 80 minutes long). Did you know that most “cultural creatives” believe they’re alone? And we constitute 25% of the people on the planet!
Posted in Social Justice on October 21, 2011

Energy for the Future – Biofuels? Tarsands?

Our event on Sunday October 30th (Albany Library Edith Stone room, starts 1:30 pm) is a collaboration between Transition Albany and Carbon Neutral Albany.

We’re screening two films – come for both or one – that address the effects of our energy use.

Freedom (1:30 pm) is a 90-minute exploration of bio fuels and the misinformation that has dogged their general acceptance. Come and see it so that you can make up your own mind.

After a short break we’ll show White Water Black Gold (c. 3:15 pm), a 60-minute documentary that looks at the Canadian tar sands operation through the lens of its effect on water.

You’re likely to be stirred to action after watching that one, so we’ll have the means for people to send a letter to President Obama, who still has the power to stop the second pipeline that would bring this exceptionally dirty oil to Texas. To find out more about the Keyline XL Pipeline, go here.

On November 6th there is a huge Tarsands action in Washington DC and I’m going by train to be there. Would you like to join me? Bill McKibben and hope to encircle the White House with 4000 people who will quietly remind him that he was elected on the promise of clean energy.

The Occupy movements give me a tremendous feeling of hope that we DO have the will to make a change. There are so many aspects to this change that need to be addresses. Moving from unrenewable, dirty fuels to clean fuels from a current source is one of them. Hope you can decorate your porch for Hallowe’en and make your costumes at a different point of the weekend so that you can join us. Hey! You could go as “Tar Sands”!


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