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Sharing Traditional Skills

If your family would like to know more about baking your own bread, or making soap, or mending your clothes, or doing some basic home repair, or keeping bees or chickens in your backyard, come to Albany Community Center next Sunday afternoon, February 26th, 2012.

From 2 – 3:20 pm and from 3:40 to 5 pm there will be six introductory workshops, three at a time in different rooms, free of charge, open to all, led by volunteers who are passionate about their subject.
Here’s the schedule:

2 pm
Making Soap

Raising Chickens
Bee Hives

3:40 pm
Baking Bread
Fixing Things Around the House
Basic Sewing Skills

Albany City Skill Workshops are fun and engaging, and you’re sure to come away just a little bit wiser. These kinds of skills are becoming more popular everywhere you turn, and when people know how to do these things for themselves, it helps our communities become more resilient. Bring the kids! And remember, it’s free.

We hope to see you there.

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Posted in Economy, Local Activities on February 21, 2012