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Take the 2012 Transition Challenge

The Third Annual Transition Challenge lasts for the entire month of May 2012

Grow Food – Conserve Water – Save Energy – Build Community – Tell Your Friends!


This year, the Transition Challenge has expanded. During the entire month of May, people across our community will rise to the challenge of becoming more food, water and energy independent. There are many reasons for localizing food production and conserving energy and water: saving money, creating jobs and community resiliency -to name just a few. Here’s a summary of the 2011 Challenge.



Get involved! Make a difference!

Register your event or volunteer for a project right now.

Go here to register with Transition US. And if you register a garden project with our partner, The Victory Garden Foundation, before April 30, you’ll receive free herb and vegetable seeds while becoming eligible to win a $100 Amazon gift certificate. The Victory Garden Foundation is also ready to help you with gardening ideas – call 800 971 3006 or go here for information and tools: Information and tools

There are four challenge areas this year: Food, Water, Energy and Community.


Some Ideas for Growing More Local Food

*transform your lawn into a food garden * plant fruit trees * join or start a community garden * start a compost pile * plant a herb or a tomato in a pot

We need lots of groups working in many places to make many edible gardens. Go to for a website that links people who have a space to be gardened (or need help with gardening), with those who have energy and enthusiasm for gardening in a spot that needs help, and those with resources to share.

You could do something small or something large, like creating innovative gardens on front yards, apartment patios, school and church grounds and business premises while being waterwise.


Some Ideas for Saving Water

* switch to drip irrigation * install a greywater system (yes! it’s legal) * grow native, drought-tolerant plants * install water conserving appliances (toilet, shower heads, faucets)


Some Ideas for Saving Energy

* unplug energy zapping appliances, computers, games * conduct a home energy audit * weatherize your home, apartment or office * retrofit for maximum energy efficiency * install energy efficient appliances


Some Ideas for Building Community

* host an educational class or workshop * start a sharing co-op — food, tools, toys, vehicles * host a “get to know your neighbors” potluck * send out a community interest survey to assess concerns & priorities


The best way to make our community more food and energy independent is to do it ourselves. It’s our community and WE make a difference …especially when we work together. Tell your friends — invite them to the Transition Challenge.

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