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Transition Worldwide

Since our national government seems incapable of addressing the issues of global climate change, environmental degradation & resource depletion … Transition Albany & Transition Berkeley present an inspiring new documentary full of examples of how we can  prepare positively for a post-industrial future: 

IN TRANSITION 2.0, Sunday November 4, 2 pm
with Carolyne Stayton (Executive Director of Transition US)
Albany Library Edith Stone Room, 1247 Marin Avenue, Albany  **FREE**

This 66 minute documentary provides an inspirational immersion into the growing Transition movement, with 16 stories gathered from seven countries around the world about people working together to respond to uncertain times with creative solutions and optimism. You’ll hear about communities printing their own money, localizing their economies, growing food, sharing with neighbors and setting up community power stations.

Transition is an idea that has gone viral, a social experiment in a world of increasing uncertainty, based on hope, the ingenuity of ordinary people, and the power of growing vegetables in unexpected places.

Carolyne Stayton, Executive Director of Transition US, will be on hand with details of some of the projects she heard about at this year’s International Transition Conference in the UK.

Most of all we need YOU! Come find out how you can join forces with your local Transition initiative … or start your own.

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