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Edible Landscape Project

(Event Sponsored by Transition Albany Garden Group)
March 29, 2013 @ 9:30 am - Event Details

This weekend we fill all the new planter boxes with souil and plant some of them with starts and plants we have available… Please come if you are able.

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Home Remedy Kit Essentials, Part I

arnicaMust Have Homeopathic Medicines for your Home Remedy Kit

These are the homeopathic medicines I carry with me and always part of my first aid kit:

  1. Arnica montana – the Number One homeopathic medicine for shock and trauma.  If I can only carry one remedy with me, I’d take this.  Just because life happens.  For injuries to soft tissues, there is nothing better.  For any injury to the body, you take it first. Bruises disappear or don’t show up at all (if you take it immediately).  For falls, sprains, strains, bumps in the night, arnica first.  You can also take it BEFORE you engage in something physically challenging (running a marathon, long hike, climbing a mountain or just plain day long gardening). Here’s how I do it: I put a few pellets in my bottle of water, shake the bottle, and sip as I go along. After the activity, I am still fresh as a daisy. No over exertion hangover! I once climbed Mt. Fuji for two days sustained mainly by my bottles of arnicated water! Thanks to Arnica, I was vertical and didn’t have to be carried all the way back to my hotel. And I was frankly amazed that my soreness lasted only 12 hours after the climb!  (more…)
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