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Edible Landscape Project – Where we are at the end of 2014


November 2014

The garden is lush and wonderful as fall moves in. Herbs galore, young fruit trees and berry bushes, root crops, some from the Andes, and annual greens of all kinds grow in soil that is getting prgressively richer as we add spent organic matter directly back into the soil.

The City gave us the lawn between Carmel and the garden, next to the fence of the multi-purpose field, and we have spent many happy hours creating new hugelkultur beds that are especially good at holding water in times of drought. A donated self-fertile avocado sits in this area as well, and it is exciting to imagine the place ten years from now when the trees have grown in and it truly is a forest of food.

Last week we harvested gallons of Jerusalem artichokes – please let us know if you would like some. Recipes follow below.

If you’d like to get involved with the Edible Landscape, please use the contact form on this website and we’ll let you know when our work parties are happening, and/or give you n opportunity to help with our weekly maintenance sessions.


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Compare “walkable” Albany to these cities…

Screen shot 2013-10-27 at 6.50.31 PMHere’s a great TED talk about walkable cities (specifically Portland OR), exploding any remnants of the myth that living in the countryside is far less “environmentally sane” than living in a densely developed city.

Listen up, Albany! What if we needed to build upwards a story or two to break the iron grip of unaffordable housing? What if we needed to change the “two parking spaces per living unit” ordinance? What if we were really to become a city that was friendlier to people than to cars?

Here’s a tale of Los Angeles in the future, from none less than the BBC:

And an inspiring report from Groningen in the Netherlands, already the most bike-friendly city on earth.

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The Last Farmer’s Market in 2013

October 30, 2013 @ 3:00 pm - Event Details

Due to slow turnout, the market is ending earlier than planned. Come out this afternoon between 3 and 7 to get your fresh nuts, dates, cheeses, honey, fruits, vegetables, and more. Support the small California farmers who come here specially…!

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Building Community with Mud and Mandarins

“What needs to be sustained is not competitive advantage, corporate profits or economic growth. What needs to be sustained are the patterns of relationship in the web of life.” Fritjof Capra, Founding Director, Center for Ecoliteracy

“Community is not some add-on to our other needs, not a separate ingredient for happiness along with food, shelter, music, touch, intellectual stimulation, and other forms of physical and spiritual nourishment. Community arises from the meeting of those needs. There is no community possible among a people who do not need each other.” Charles Eisenstein, whose new book is The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible

In Portland for the 13th Annual Village Building Convergence, inspired by Mark Lakeman and his organization, City Repair, something significant came together for me; why we were building with local, natural materials, why we were talking about “putting up” our garden produce, why new words are arising like gaialogue and indigenuity, why we need to make places where people can gather and talk:  it’s all about creating a new story, one which arises when we see ourselves as terminally interconnected. And we also looked at how radical actions must be taken to unseat the old story of entitlement and power over other people and over nature. (more…)

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Fall Seminar on Bay Area Gardening

(Event Sponsored by Alameda County Master Gardeners)
October 26, 2013 @ 8:30 am - Event Details

A full program of useful classes, including

The Beautiful Edible Garden –Leslie Bennett & Stefani  Bittner

Lawnless Landscape – Kelly Marshall

Planting a Food Forest – Christopher Shein

Weeds: Yank’em or Thank ‘em? – Mark Brunell

Winter Veggies in Wonderland – Pam Peirce

Coping with Critters (Safely) – Andrew Sutherland

Small Gardens: Right Plant, Right Place – Susan Handjian

Herbal Delights! – Rosemary Loveall-Sale

Creating Habitat for Wildlife – George McRae

Very Berry Jellies & Jams*

The Almighty Tomato*

Sign up online HERE (some classes are already filling up)

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