Grant for Edible Landscape Project

Transition Albany, as the coordinators of volunteers for the Edible Landscape Project, has been granted $2,500 to build volunteer effectiveness and improve the productivity and health of the High School and Edible Landscape gardens in Memorial Park.

The Coming of Age: Bay Area grant program will extend to six non-profits in Alameda and San Francisco Counties financial resources and team-oriented mentoring to help them achieve success in two key areas: (1) accessing the energy and expertise of people age 50+ to help organizations meet their mission in these challenging times, and (2) meeting the needs of older adults seeking to make a meaningful difference in their communities.

We estimate that about 75% of our volunteers are over 50, so receiving the grant would be a great resource to us. The grant program focuses on a “building a team” model. We think that the core team would include 5-15 people who will participate in multiple activities each month for nine months (January to September), with another 20 participating in fewer activities.

Our project has the following eight outcomes:

1.Team members will know how to develop and maintain various elements of a productive Permaculture food forest, so that they can utilize these elements on their own and serve as resources to others in the project and in their community.

2.Our food forest will have been augmented by the addition of more plant combinations that are productive, self-sustaining, and low-maintenance.

3.Team members will know how to install and expand a drip irrigation system and hose bib and faucet.

4.There will be a hose bib and faucet located in or next to the garden for hand watering.

5.The drip irrigation system will be expanded to cover all cultivated areas of the garden.

6.Team members will become familiar with the plants in the garden and their uses.

7.Garden coordinators will have the information they need to produce signs and flyers for the public about the garden.

8.Neighbors and other community members will have information about the Edible Landscape Project and what it has to offer them.

We will use the funds in the following way:

$600 = Gardening materials and plants, soil amendments, hand tools, equipment
$250 = Irrigation materials and supplies
$400 = Stipend for irrigation system and tree pruning teacher (Tony Wolcott)
$1000 = Stipend for Permaculture teacher/s and work session lead/s (Delia Carroll & team)
$250 = Reproduction of print resources

Posted in Community Building, Edible Landscape Project, Food and Agriculture, Local Activities, Resources on November 14, 2013