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May 2014 Community Resilience Challenge

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Grow food

Save water

Conserve energy

Build community.


Help us reach the goal of 3000 actions by May 31st!

Here’s How:

  • Harvest rainwater
  • Install greywater
  • Hang a clothesline
  • Get a home energy upgrade
  • Convert your lawn to food
  • Set up drip irrigation
  • Bring your own mug
  • Create your own project

Be inspired by great ideas here on the pledge form. Find easy steps and municipal rebate programs in our How-To Action Guides. (more…)

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First Tuesday Potluck and Gift Circle

(Event Sponsored by Transition Albany, Transition Berkeley and EBCO)
May 6, 2014 @ 7:00 pm - Event Details

Posted in on May 3, 2014