soup-clipart-webWe are giving the Potlucks with Purpose a rest for the moment. Attendance has been down for whatever reason and the cost of the venue was hard to cover.

We had some wonderful evenings and made new friends, ate great food, made music, danced, watched movies, heard topical presentations, and enjoyed many a gift circle, which led to exciting opportunities to get to know one another better by working together on projects.

If you have an interest in reviving the potlucks and starting again, perhaps with a new focus, please be in touch through the contact form on this website.

Thank you to all who made the potlucks so fun all these years!

A Brit who came to the US in 1988 and found California and the Transition movement to be a perfect fit. Now my life is replete with a dear husband, a small but productive permaculture backyard, a loving family and a very full calendar of work I love.

Posted in Community Building, Food and Agriculture, Local Activities on November 10, 2014