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2014 Community Resilience Challenge

Screen shot 2014-04-22 at 9.42.23 PM

Grow food

Save water

Conserve energy

Build community.


Help us reach the goal of 3000 actions by May 31st!

Here’s How:

  • Harvest rainwater
  • Install greywater
  • Hang a clothesline
  • Get a home energy upgrade
  • Convert your lawn to food
  • Set up drip irrigation
  • Bring your own mug
  • Create your own project

Be inspired by great ideas here on the pledge form. Find easy steps and municipal rebate programs in our How-To Action Guides.

Our community stepped up with 2205 actions to grow food, save water, conserve energy and build community during last May’s East Bay Sustainability Challenge. This year’s Challenge is making more connections, fostering deeper impacts, highlighting projects already underway, and promoting our community resilience success stories.

Our 2014 goal is to register 3,000+ actions and at least 30 events in May that will make our East Bay communities beautiful, connected and resilient!

Right now, the community is coming alive with inspired individuals, schools, organizations, municipalities and businesses taking practical action in creating a more healthy, just and resilient future. Whether you plant a vegetable garden, go solar, get a home energy upgrade, convert your lawn into a water-sipping landscape, pledge to ride your bike twice a week, or help a neighbor on their project…every action counts!

Join us! Register your action today!

Doing a lot already? Great! Inspire others to act or lend a hand. Participants will be taking actions such as installing greywater systems, planting gardens, joining a carpool or sheet mulching water-thirsty lawns. Small or large, every action counts! This is a pivotal moment for our planet, and the need for increased awareness and community-based, local solutions has never been greater.

The Community Resilience Challenge is more than a call to action – it will measure our collective impact based on actions registered. The Challenge inspires new actions and collaborations, while highlighting efforts already in motion to tell the story of our collective successes. Together we are creating a more resilient community, local economy, and food system, while reducing our use of water and energy. A more sustainable and resilient future is arising through our collective genius and each of our daily acts. Join us!

Join Us! Rise to the Challenge!

The website has details of special discounts and free gifts available to those who enter the Challenge, as well as a list of partners and sponsors… This is what’s happening in May 2014  - be part of the fun!

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Years of Living Dangerously

April 13, 2014 2:00 pm - Event Details

Here’s a review

The TV Network Showtime is starting a series on Climate Change that is best watched with others. It premiers on Saturday at 7 pm, but through we are able to show it at 2 pm (because that’s when the library room is free). We will follow it with discussion and/or a taped panel discussion

After watching the first episode (60 minutes) you’ll know how Twinkies, the civil war in Syria, and devastating unemployment in Plainsview, TX,  are connected.

Below are the notes we took during the discussion. the Episode 1 is avialble for watching at


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Earth Day SF

April 19, 2014 10:00 am - Event Details

Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 10.38.07 PMWELCOME TO SAN FRANCISCO’S Fourth Annual Earth Day Celebration and 1 pm Rally for Climate Sanity

On April 19th, up to 10,000 people from the San Francisco Bay Area, and beyond, will converge at U.N. Plaza/ Civic Center to celebrate Earth Day San Francisco 2014. The event will feature three stages of Multi-Cultural Music and Performance, Renowned Keynote Speakers, Interactive D.I.Y. Workshops, Green-Economy and Businesses Info, Representatives from Indigenous Community Leaders, Civic Agencies,  Youth Empowerment Groups, Green Tech Info,  Fashion Industry Leaders, Religious Leaders, and Prominent ‘Eco-Green’ Political Officials.

The public is promised a fantastic day with exposure to various informative & interactive learning experiences, such as Green Jobs Info, Cutting-Edge Eco-Fashion Shows & Eco Artist Grove, Organic Food Cooking Demos, a Huge Green Kids Zone & Eco-Carnival.

Join Musicians and Performers, Educators and Mentors, Artists and Artisans, Crafts People, Civic and Community Leaders, Ceremonialists, Workshop Leaders, Youth Activists and Social Justice Non-Profit Organizations, in this powerful full-on day of green sustainability solutions.  This year’s festival focuses on activating the public to energetically pursue effective green solutions and integrate these sustainable practices into everyday life. Designed to empower the people of the Bay Area Community, and beyond, to start individually and collectively addressing the local and planetary environmental challenges we all face.

Earth Day San Francisco is a partner and fiscally sponsored by The Park Trust Alliance and will host the following amazing array of activities:

  • Internationally Recognized Speakers: BILL MCKIBBEN [best-selling author and environmentalist], Leila Salazar-Lopez  [Amazon Watch], Kevin Danaher [Green Festivals Director], Dr. Margaret Lowman [Director Chief of Sciences and Sustainability at Cal Academy of Sciences] and many more, who will grace our stage and engage the public in stimulating and educational discussion
  • Organic Food & Beer Court: Healthy Food and Organic Beer served throughout the day
  • Green D.I.Y. Zone: This hands-on ‘Do It Yourself’ Section will feature classes in converting your car to electric power, building a solar oven, building your own bike, and many other family fun activities.
  • Permaculture Zone: Presenting an exciting array of ongoing creations and workshops with Permaculturist, Living Mandala’s Jay Ma, Gray Water/Rainwater Demos, Cob Hut Creation, Earth Mandala, Worm Farm Workshop, Urban Gardening, Common Vision Tree Grafting Intro, and a Vertical Garden Installation.
  • Clean Energy Zone: Electric Car Showcase, Bio-Diesel and Demos on Wind, Water and Solar-Driven Energy (as well as a few Eco-Art Cars).
  • Eco-Exhibitors: More than 80 Earth-Friendly Products, Green-Fashion, and Handmade Crafts
  • Earth-Friendly Fashion: throughout the day & Eco-Fashion Shows: Top Earth-Friendly Designers and Youth Fashion Groups on display
  • Youth in Action Zone: Leaders from Green Youth-in-Action Groups, such as “Teen-Turn Green,” “Challenge Day,” Generation Wake Up and many others, speak out on Cutting-Edge Environmental Topics
  • Sustainable Chef Showcase: All Day Cooking Demos !! 
JOIN Thousands IN A ‘CALL TO ACTION’ !!! Our Climate Action Rally leaves from Justin Herman Plaza and joins the Earth Day Festival at 1 PM. Let your voice be heard on April 19th 2014 at U.N. Plaza. Transition Albany will join other Transition Initiatives to make our presence felt and we may even have a mini float! Contact us at TransitionAlbanyCA at gmail dot org to be involved.
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Resilience Circle, Round Two

February 21, 2014 7:00 pm - Event Details

Please feel free to come to a meeting of like-minded folks at 7 pm on Friday evening (2/21) to figure out the best way to move forward with an ongoing support group in which we hope to

  1. weave community connections
  2. help each other create practical resilience in our personal lives as well as in our neighborhoods, and
  3. have more fun without electronics!

We’ll start by sharing things to eat, and get to know one another. People who live in Albany west of San Pablo Avenue are particularly warmly invited, but if you come from further away we’d love you to join us anyway, with the idea that at some point you’ll be inspired to start something similar in your own neighborhood.

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Water is precious

water drop

EBMUD tells us our household of three used 33 gallons a day last period. I understand that’s less than normal so I’m going to share how we manage it. Please comment with your own water-saving tricks.


When we run the shower, we put in the bathplug to collect every drop, then scoop it into a 5-gallon bucket from which we flush the toilet. (If we had a shower stall, we would get a tub to stand in to catch most of the water) And what used to be a daily routine has now become a luxury, as we now shower briefly only about twice or three times a week, or when we “need” it. Leonard uses about 2 gallons for his showers. I’m closer to 5. Then four times a year we might take a bath and let all the water wash through the sewer – aaahhhh! (more…)

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