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DIY Milk Kefir

(Event Sponsor: Transition Albany Health Group)
Lourdes Gonzaga

March 15, 2014 @ 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

| $25.00

kefir1Join Us!

The first of Transition Albany Health Group’s Fermentation Series, this class will show you how to make your own milk kefir.  Yes, yes, you can learn to do this watching videos on the web. That’s how I did it.  But what you will skip are the numerous hours of doubt whether you ruined the whole batch and had to dump the whole concoction only to find out later it was all good. Yup. Did that. Even had to dump a whole batch of kefir grains because I thought I killed them all.  Nothing like seeing it with your own eyes!  This is your chance to learn all about making your own milk kefir without the anxious moments. That’s priceless!

Why make milk kefir?

It is quite well known that we humans living in this modern world are woefully lacking in beneficial gut bacteria.  And it is also well known that if your gut is not well, illness follows. So milk kefir is chock full of good bacteria. You know. Probiotics. Immune booster probiotics.  Some claim that milk kefir has up to 50 times more probiotics than yogurt. There are those who claim that they hardly ever get sick after consuming milk kefir regularly.  So making milk kefir is having your own probiotics factory!  What could be more awesome than that?

There are two parts to this class: The first part is on milk kefir. In this section you will learn to hydrate dehydrated kefir grains (if you ever need to know), what supplies and equipment are suitable to use, milk of choice, the merits of second fermentation, flavoring your milk kefir, making cheese out of them, storing the milk kefir grains, taking a break from kefiring as well as what to do with all that piling kefir grains? (Hint: You can give them away or sell them.) And what about that whey?  Aha! that goes into another fermentation class!

We will have a chance at tasting freshly harvested kefir during the break.

The second part goes into making a simple Honey Shampoo and a Coconut Milk Hair Conditioner. You will learn how to make your own coconut milk free of BPA and whatever preservatives they dump into your food!

OK, you on?

Space is limited. We are holding the class at Loni Gray’s house in Berkeley.  (Easy to find. Plenty of street parking. If I can find it, you certainly can. )  So ideal number for the class is between 6-9. 9 is pushing it.  Reserve your space by emailing me at lourdesgonzaga@gmail.com. Or commenting below. I will let you know if you’re in.

Class fee is $25. Plus ingredients/supplies fee of $15. Really cheap considering the benefits you will reap – if you apply what you’ve learned!

To a healthy life!

Hope to see you there.


Lourdes has been frantically kefiring for months in preparation for this class. And it is time to scale down production. Time for class!