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Responding to Abrupt Climate Change, with Guy McPherson

May 7, 2016 @ 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Guy McPhersonGuy McPherson, of Nature Bats Last, is a rare phenomenon: a man who is willing to share the facts about the likely imminent effects of climate change on our species – yup: the fate of the human race in the Sixth Great Extinction. He presents the facts with a good dose of “gallows humor.”

He will be making a presentation, “Responding to Abrupt Climate Change” at the West Berkeley Library on Saturday, May 7th at 1:30 pm. Please join Guy and other humans who are willing to hear the stark truths of our predicament, and discover what beauty can arise in life when things are clear. Bring your friends and loved ones.

The free afternoon talk will be followed by a fundraiser and book-signing at the nearby Highwire Coffee Roasters (see image below for addresses). Guy is making his West Coast tour on the gift economy and we welcome your financial contributions.

The previous weekend, on May 1 at 1pm, Guy will be opening for the Utopia Now Commons Fest at Humanist Hall, 390 27th Street, Oakland.

To see a video of Guy talking about the kinds of things to expect of his visit, go here.Guyberkeleyweb


Berkeley Public Library West Branch
1125 University Avenue
Berkeley, CA
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Jenny Shore & Catherine Sutton
transitionAlbany at sonic dot net
2 comments on “Responding to Abrupt Climate Change, with Guy McPherson
  1. helen jones says:

    dear Katherine– i heard this talk and it confirms my worst fears but i dont see the point. he’s saying theres nothing we can do? does transition have this view? by the end i felt that he was pimping off our despair, collecting money for what end?

  2. Catherine Sutton says:

    The folks of Transition US, and Guy McPherson himself, feel that we should keep on making every effort to improve the habitat of all living creatures, including ourselves. Actually Guy’s message was to pursue lives of excellence, engaging in the activities that each of us do best – I would add: the things we know are our greatest strengths…
    No-one can say definitively one way or the other whether humans have a chance, but the evidence indeed seems to point to us having been one of evolution’s failed experiments, as the only creature in the biosphere who destroys their own home with their activities.
    Have you ever known someone who was given a terminal diagnosis? I have, and they chose to give up activities done out of a sense of duty – activities that brought them no joy – to concentrate instead on what made them feel fulfilled in the deepest way.
    That’s our predicament now.
    And believe me, Guy is only just covering his expenses on this trip, thanks to the generosity of his audiences.