Wedding Card Boxes: Must-Know Tips For the Perfect Box

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Planning a wedding is a highly emotional – and often stressful time.  

You want everything to be just right, as you and your partner embark on your lives together. After all, this is a joyful event you hope to only do once, so you want every detail to be perfect.  

And honestly, weddings don’t come cheap.  

In 2017 – the average American wedding cost $25,764 – and that’s not including the honeymoon. Considering that the average couple spends between another $4000 and $5000 on their honeymoon, we’re talking about a major life investment.

You’ve probably spent weeks, or even months agonizing over every detail of the big day. You’ve hired your photographer and DJ, your florist is good to go, your wedding party will be decked out in the attire of your careful choosing, your champagne is ordered, and you’ve spent hours doing that oh so arduous task of tasting dozens of little cakes.

But are you forgetting about one of the smaller details to make your big day just perfect? Fortunately, this one’s a lot cheaper than a three-tiered tiramisu cake, or an exotic trip to the Bahamas.

Do you have a wedding card box?

Why Bother With a Wedding Card Box?

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Sure, a wedding card box is not a necessity with a wedding. And in the grand scheme of things, it may seem like a trivial detail.  

It’s not like skipping the cake or bubbly. But, a custom box can make things run a little smoother at your reception and give you one less thing to worry about.  

Nowadays, a lot of wedding gifts are bought online and shipped directly to the happy couple’s home. But there are still many guests who will arrive at the wedding with gifts and cards in tow. Some people just prefer to hand deliver their gifts. You don’t want your guests having to awkwardly carry your gift around all night, or have to stuff it under their table.

You need a designated spot where guests can unload their gifts. This is where a gift table comes in handy.  Place your wedding card box front and center on the table, so guests have a clear place to deposit their cards.  

It will also give you a specific place to gather up everything at the end of the night – so you won’t mistakenly leave anyone’s thoughtful gift behind.

Of course, a custom box isn’t just meant to be some utilitarian item. A card box can help add a little bling to your gift table.

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Your gift table can help reflect the tone or theme of your wedding. And the wedding card box is a great way to add more style to your gift table decorations. Be sure to add some pretty signage to your table – indicating where cards go, or saying thank you – and further style the table with flowers or other decorations in keeping with your wedding style.

There are no hard and fast rules for your wedding card box. You can choose something sophisticated or whimsical. It’s another way to reflect your personal style.

Options for Card Boxes

The options are limitless for wedding card boxes. Check out these wedding box ideas to inspire you to get the perfect box for your wedding:

Repurpose Old Items

A wedding card box doesn’t have to be a box, at all.

Some couples choose to repurpose old items as a receptacle for their cards. Some popular options are a vintage suitcase, an old birdcage, or a decorated mailbox. These are great ways to add some fun and make your gift table memorable.


If you’re the crafty type, you can DIY your own wedding box.

If you’re stuck on where to begin, just peruse Pinterest for some inspiration. All it takes is a little imagination.  

You can go the traditional route, or try a playful option. Some couples have even made card boxes out of Legos.

Leave It To The Professionals

Of course, you probably already have enough on your plate with planning the big event.  

You may be short on time, or maybe you’re not feeling particularly crafty.  

For a professional polished look that incorporates the unique feel of your wedding, you should consider ordering a custom wedding card box. That way you get exactly what you want.  

You can pick the size, what colors you want, the box design, or any other embellishment you want.  

Added Security

On your wedding day, the last thing you want to worry about is someone stealing your wedding gifts.  

Sadly, it does happen more than you might think.

If you have your reception at a large venue, there will be all kinds of people milling about. There may even be more than one wedding going on at the same time, in which case, it would be easy for someone to quickly slip in and grab your loot.

With the typical amount that people spend on a wedding gift being between $50 and upwards of $100, the reality of sticky fingers is a strong possibility.

A wedding card box will ensure that all of your cards are in one location, which is much easier to secure.  If you’re feeling particularly wary about the security of your venue, you can even get a locking box.

After the Wedding

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Keep in mind that your wedding card box shouldn’t be a blatant money grab.  

It can also be a place for guests to stick congratulatory messages to the new couple. Leave some note cards by the box, so guests are encouraged to leave you some thoughtful words. You will have fun looking over these notes in years to come.

Your wedding is just one day, but it will provide you with a lifetime of memories.  

Your wedding card box is the perfect way to keep all of your keepsakes in one place.

In addition to your cards, you can store your ceremony program, a garter, your something blue – or any of the other little mementos that will remind you of your special day.  

Think of the enjoyment you’ll feel years from now when you open your wedding card box to relive that day and share your memories with your future generations.

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