Call Of Duty Mobile General Tips For Beginners


Lots of action, as well as shooting games, are out there by the game industry, but Call of Duty Mobile contains a different concept.

It is the mixture of first-person shooting, Battle Royale, and multiplayer mode. Many simple as well as advanced missions, tasks, challenges added in the game to offer a new action-adventure.

Players can enjoy game graphics, features, purposes, functions, and every control. Also, they are able to reduce daily life stress by exploring unlimited fun.

One can easily play the game on Android and iOS devices for free. The game is perfect for those players who love to play shooting, Royale, and multiplayer action games.

Players are able to chat with their friends while playing any mission. Also, there are numerous kinds of new methods, and tips are available.

In the post, we are going to mention some beginners’ tips to progress in Call of Duty Mobile game faster. With that, they can learn how to play the game better or how to become a pro player.

  • Keep the graphics optimum

As per users’ devices, they are suggested to set up the graphics optimum for playing smoothly. 3D, as well as high-resolution graphics, are available that offer a great experience to users.

But low ram devices, high-resolution graphics cannot be run beside the device become slower. If you need to play the game wisely and smoothly, try to change the graphics settings as per your device.

  • Controls and shooting modes

There are two kinds of shooting modes added in the game named simple and advanced mode. Beginners should play simple mode first in which they need to change basic settings of controls.

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They can set up the controls as per needs or requirements. Whereas, on the other hand, advanced mode contains complex features that pro players can handle.

Firstly, beginners need to understand all basics, functions, essentials, controls for going far in Call of Duty Mobile game.

Also, they need to complete a simple shooting mode effectively to enjoy advanced mode perfectly without getting stressed.

  • Weapons

Players are going to find hundreds of rare weapons in Call of Duty Mobile game, which they can use to kill other enemies.

With low rarity weapons to high damage weapons are available. Finding or purchasing the best gun helps you to win challenges faster like no one another can.

In other words, it permits all users to succeed smoothly without facing any issue. With the help of in game currencies, gamers can buy rare weapons or can wait to complete more missions.

After purchasing or selecting a weapon, players are suggested to keep it upgrade always.

Timely upgrading the weapons wisely enhances the damage power besides the performance of the weapon. Also, it allows you to improve overall playing performance.

  • Collect all rewards

Some rewards are offered directly to the users, and some of them go to their original place (menu or rewards page). Try to collect all rewards in a more massive amount for gaining unlimited benefits.

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