Hotel Empire Tycoon Amazing Strategies To Win The Game


In order to play the Hotel Empire Tycoon with perfection, you need to learn all about the basics and the main aspects of the game. In this game, the main goal of the players is to build the best hotels to make money.

Well, the gameplay revolves around the hotels and the aspect of earning money. And that’s why you need to understand these aspects properly to level up quickly.

To know about the game properly, you should take help from tutorials and tweaks. Completing the tutorial can help the beginners to gain enough knowledge about the gameplay.

Make sure you follow the basic tips while playing this game to get a better position in no time. Earning money and other resources is also crucial in the game.

The hotel empire tycoon is available to download from the Apple Appstore and Google Playstore.

Without having enough funds or resources, you can’t unlock the rooms of your hotel or make other upgrades.

Complete the Quests

The quests have great importance in the game because these can help the players to earn a good amount of money. At the initial stages of the game, you should try to complete quests to earn extra money.

By completing every task of the game, you will be rewarded with money that you can use later for various purposes. On the home screen, you can find the quests on the upper right corner.

At the initial stages, you will get some easy quests to complete, like building a double room. Try to complete these quests as early as possible because, after this, you will get other quests with nice rewards.

Never stick with the quests because there are many other things to do in the game. Try to focus on the other aspects of the game to have the ultimate game experience.

Hire the Staff

If you are a newbie, then you should know the importance of hiring the staff. The hotel needs a staff that includes a chef, maintenance staff, and other members.

Firstly start with hiring one member for each activity, and then you can hire more as you progress in the game. Try to expand the hotel by adding more rooms and building more floors.

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Try to hire more personnel because they help to make the customers happy and satisfied. Hire the staff members as you can afford, and it is the vital tip that can help the beginners to make progress quickly in the game.

Watch Advertisements

Many times you will feel bore in the game that may also encourage you to quit it. But here I am going to tell you a secret which will definitely help you in the right manner.

At night, no customers will come to your hotel, and no staff members will work. Do you want to skip this step? If yes, then you just need to watch advertisements.

With the help of this, you will get back on track and start enjoying the game. On this step, you should try to greet your customers and makes other efforts to win the game.

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