The Walking Dead Road To Survival Make Your Strong Team


Zombies are not real creatures in the world, but in the game and TV series, things related to zombies are very entertaining. That is why so many games & TV series have been made on them.

In the mobile gaming industry, you can find lots of games available that are based on zombies, and one of them is The Walking Dead Road to Survival.

The game The Walking Dead Road to Survival is based on a popular TV series, The Walking Dead, and when you play it, you will find so many great things.

The main thing in the game is surviving from the zombies because there is numerous numbers of zombies exist, and players have to kill them.

The single-player can’t kill the huge number of zombies, so now you can make your team as well because it’s a role-playing game.

Now if you want to get full information about surviving and making the team, you can read below –

Keep The Survival Continue In The Walking Dead: RTS

Zombies are bad for the world, and in the game, they are more deadly because their aim is just the players, and you have to stop them at every cost.  If you are a beginner, then I have some cheats for the walking dead road to survival game for you that will support you so much in making your survival on.

Kill the zombies from a distance

When you are fighting with the zombies, then the first ad major thing you have to remember is that you have to keep the distance from them.

In order to keep the distance, every player has to kill them from a distance, there are several types of weapons in the game, and the majorities of characters use guns, so use the guns and kill the zombies to don’t let them come near you.

Every level is different, and after reaching higher levels, it could get tough, so you have to play it properly and strategy as well.

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Don’t let them come near

As I mentioned that in The Walking Dead Road to Survival, so many types of weapons available and you can use them to keep the distance.

Every player has particular health, and when the zombie hits you, it will decrease, and after getting much damage, you could get killed as well.

Keep maintaining the distance by killing the nearest zombie first and kill those zombies later that are far from you.

Complete levels to unlock the team characters

There are so many levels available in the game, and higher levels are hard, and in that, you have to kill the zombies as well as save the team members as well.

The levels of The Walking Dead Road to Survival are very much, and you will just love it to complete every single level.

You can expand your team members by unlocking them, and if you complete the levels, you will be able to unlock many of the game characters.

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